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About Us

  • Established Since 1997

    Prince Automation, sole distributors for Mitsubishi Electric has one objective to provide prompt low cost factory automation solutions to local industry.

  • No.1 Seller

    Ever since we launched Mitsubishi PLCs, inverters and A.C. Servo motors, Mitsubishi PLCs have become No.1 selling brand in Micro systems in Pakistan.

  • 20+ Years of Field Exp

    From working in some of the most technologically advanced plants and facilities in Pakistan, to the harshest environments such as Uch, Baluchistan, we have been able to exceed expectations.

In recent years the industrial world has undergone a significant transformation in terms of technical innovation and development. In keeping with this global trend, Prince Electric Company has played a significant role in the acceleration of technical advancement of industry in Pakistan by promoting world-renowned manufacturers of electrical and elctronic control components and equipment, consumer electronics etc.

We in the fast-advancing, diversified industrial world, have established a unique identity as an "enterprise". In our quest to expand technology, we rely heavily on human power, resources and capabilities. Prince Electric Company's core mission is therefore the promotion of technology fuelled by human efforts and values. This, we believe, is the route to prosperity and success in the future.

Our Clients

Companies who put their trust in us to get the job done

Our Projects

List of projects completed over our 50+ years of establishment

● Kohinoor Mills Ltd: Thermo sole PLC & VFD Control System for Energy Saving
● Nishat Mills Ltd: Thermo sole PLC & VFD Control System for Energy Saving
● Atlas Honda Limited: Compressor PLC & VFD Automation
● Rupali Polester Limited: ID FD Fan Replacement
● Pak Suzuki Motor Ltd: PLC & VFD Replacement at Motor Cycle Plant
● Rafhan Maize Ltd: Installation, automation and commissioning of new Boiler
● SanofiAventis Pakistan: Limited: RO Plant PLC Automation
● Treet Corporation limited: PLC & VFD at Grindings Machine
● Continental Bisciuts Ltd: Ticky Pak PLC Automation
● D.G Khan Cement Ltd: Power Capacitor Replacement
● Highnoon Labortories Ltd: Blister Packing Machine Automation
● UCH Power Plant Demean: RO, Waste water , Plant PLC Automation with Redundant PLC System
● Loreal Pakistan Limited: CN 1000L Vessel Machine PLC Automation
● First Treet Manufacturing Modarba: Rotary Cutter Machine PLC Automation
● Noon Pakistan Limited: Deodorizer M=chine PLC Autom=tion
● Ibrahim Fibers Limited: Ring Machine PLC Automation
● Fuji Foods Limited: Butter tub Packing Machine

● Naveena Exports Ltd: Warping Machine VFD Automation
● Naveena Exports Ltd: Starching Machine PLC Automation
● Mayfair Ltd: Ring Machine PLC Automation
● Master Textile Mills Ltd ( Unit 2 ): Starching Machine PLC Automation
● Master Textile Mills Ltd ( Unit 7 ): LT Panels
● Coca Cola Gujrawala: RO Plant PLC Automation with Siemens PLC
● AA Cotton Mills Ltd: Autoclave Machine PLC Automation
● Compact Particuls Ltd: Complete PLC System for Cheap Board
● Five Star Packing Machine Plastic Bag Machine: PLC & Servo Motor Automation
● Al-Hamra Texile Mills Ltd: Flat Bed Printing Machine Automation
● Ittehad Textile Mills Ltd: VFD Project Washer Machine
● Atlas Honda Limited: Chillier Machine Automation
● TNB Liberty Power Plant: GT Cooling System ( Gas Turbine ) PLC System
● Miilat Tractor Limited: Engine Test Be=d SCADA System
● Miilat Tractor Limited: Tractor Assembly Line PLC & SCADA System
● Bhikki Power Plant: Mix Bead & RO Plant PLC SCADA With Mod Bus
● TNB Liberty Power Plant: Diverter Dumper Control for Steam Turbine
● Service Industries Limited: Bies Cutter PLC Automation

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